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Beach Workouts

Grind Life offers intense Beach Workout Sessions seasonally and contingent upon good weather. Clients of any age and experience level are welcome. Its a great opportunity for athletes to boost their athletic performance level, with a combination of strength toning, speed and endurance exercised, and cardiovascular pumping exercises. 

Small Groups

Enroll in our most popular session format, Grind Life’s Small Group Sessions and allow our coaches to help perfect your skills. These sessions allow you to develop your skills in a small group and focused environment, leading to exponential gains in your game!


Skills that are developed will include:


-Triple threat reads & reacts

-Pick & roll options

-One on one isolation

-Using ball screens

-Using off-ball screens

-Beating the 2nd line of defense

-Operating in the mid-range

-Passing scenarios

-Decoys and counters

-Basketball IQ

Personal Training

New and exciting approach to your sports training. Grind Life developed Personal Training Sessions from drills and lessons used by some of the most elite athletes. Practice makes permanent, but there is no perfect… so keep practicing with Grind Life Academy. Schedule a session today.

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